Stacey Hellman, LCSW-C

Have you tried therapy in the past and found it somewhat helpful but stopped going because you weren’t really feeling better? Are you still struggling with anxiety, depression, addictions, self-harming behaviors or complex PTSD and don’t know what else to try? Are you interested in deep emotional or spiritual growth? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

My approach to therapy is non-traditional, experiential, and integrative. What all of those terms mean is that I treat each person as a whole, I want to see the big picture, and I go beyond “just talk therapy” to help you feel better and create lasting changes in your life. To read more about the experiential methods I use, click here.

Let’s be curious together and find out what is getting in the way of your ability to experience joy, connection, and peace within yourself. Aspects that are helpful to explore are things like how you measure your self-worth, your level of ability to regulate emotions and deal with stress, the quality of your relationships with friends, family, and intimate partners, lifestyle habits such as sleep, diet and exercise, what meaning you make about the challenges or pain you have been through, and if you have any spiritual beliefs that inspire you.

Many people don’t understand how their past experiences (especially in early childhood) may be linked to their present challenges. I’m here as a knowledgable detective and guide to help you figure out what’s going on and where to go from here. I’m down to earth and most people feel very comfortable opening up to me. I’m honest and straight-forward and I won’t just smile and nod and agree with everything you say. I will listen with kindness and compassion and will gently point out your “blind spots” if I see them. We all need to be seen, heard, and understood. I truly believe that we can heal and grow in relationship to others and within a safe and nurturing environment. I look forward to crossing paths with you when you are ready.

My training and experience:

*Master’s Degree in Social Work from University of MD in 2002

*17yrs of clinical experience with teens and adults doing individual and group therapy

*Worked at Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health (formerly Kolmac clinic)

*Trauma certified through The Ferentz Institute in 2010

*Certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Center of Columbia in 2017

*Trained in EMDR in 2021 through PESI

What you can expect:

The first step is to schedule your 30 minute free consultation and together we will determine if it feels like a good fit. I will also address any questions you might have. If you decide to proceed with therapy, the first few sessions will focus on what’s most important to you and I will give you some options about where to start. Typically I see clients weekly for a while and then biweekly once some significant progress is made.

What are the benefits?

*Decreased anxiety and improved overall mood

*Feeling more comfortable in your body

*Ability to handle intense emotions in a healthy way

*Finally able to let go of self-harming and addictive behaviors

*Finding peace with yourself and your past

*Deeper, more meaningful relationships

*Sense of integrity and self-worth

*Lots of unexpected “A-Ha!” moments when things finally make sense.

My office is located in Ellicott City, Maryland. I primarily do in-person sessions but can provide telehealth sessions if needed. Clients need to be located in Maryland at the time of the appointment due to current Telementalhealth laws. Click here to read more about why I strongly recommend in-person sessions.